Since 1878 the name Rice Braid has been synonymous with quality, reliability and service. In 2006 the ownership team at Eiseman-Ludmar Company purchased the braid division of A.H. Rice, under the new name, ELC Industries LLC. We rebuilt the company from the ground up, including production, customer service and quality control. We are proud to say that Rice Braid is back, with more capacity, new colors, and top-flight service. We are dedicated to manufacturing the finest quality braid in the world right here in the USA. We understand the unique requirements of the uniform industry – exacting measurements, reliable color standards and durable constructions – and we understand the hard work and genuine care required to keep our customers satisfied. Our braided products are a key component of uniforms for police, fire, security, hotel, airline, hospitality, maritime, fashion, schools and military. Our goal is to provide the best service and value in the uniform industry.


We offer many, many styles of uniform braids – few of our customers use them all, but almost everyone in the uniform industry uses some: flat braids, striped braids, vellum braids, cordedge, tubulars, soutache and cords. We offer several different types of materials as well, including nylon, texturized and spun polyester, mohair, metallics and cotton – all in a variety of bright, attractive colors to fit your customer’s needs.


Please give us a call or email us. Although we’re now the owners of Rice Braid, we remember well being on the customer side of the phone – Eiseman-Ludmar has been a proud user of Rice Braid for decades. We want to ensure that you receive the same level of service that you give your customers. We’re here to help and we look forward to hearing from you. And if you’re ever in the Rock Hill, SC area (just a little South of Charlotte, NC) we invite you to stop by for a visit of our new manufacturing facility.